Live your most fulfilling and courageous life through small, daily actions that push your boundaries.

Scare Your Soul is a volunteer-led movement that inspires you to ignite your best self. We’re rooted in positive psychology – the science of happiness – and the knowledge that we lead our most audacious lives when we do one thing every day that scares us!

You should join this movement if you want to:
  • Embrace change in your life – we’ll send you the guidance and inspiration 
  • Break through your comfort zone by harnessing your fears 
  • Connect with others around the world who are also working their courage muscles  

Scare Your Soul is totally free. When you join you’ll receive weekly challenges and inspiration. Get ready to Scare Your Soul!

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Most books are meant to be read.

This one is meant to be lived.

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Most books are meant to be read.

This one is meant to be lived.

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Scare Your Soul is for everyone, including you.

No matter your background, you can start acting more courageously today. Our challenges are designed to be accessible to all types of people in all types of places.
Our challenges have helped our participants:
  • Navigate hard life transitions
  • Create vulnerable, honest connections
  • Embark on new adventures
  • Find long lost relatives
  • Trade bitterness for radical forgiveness
  • Launch new businesses, speak publicly, love their bodies, speak their truth, birth innovative ideas, and more.


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Ignite your best self. Get ready to Scare Your Soul.