Hello! When I entered 6th grade, I suddenly had crippling separation anxiety from my mom that prevented me from going through a full day of school. While the separation anxiety lessened, it stuck with me through high school and dictated many parts of my life.


I remember going to bed every night for years secretly wondering how I would ever be able to go to college. And then, the time came, and I decided to lean into my fear. Looking back, I decided to Scare My Soul. I committed to a university 2.5 hours away from home.


Four years later, I have studied abroad in Arezzo, Italy as well Moscow, Russia, for a semester each. That decision four years ago to push myself and scare myself would change me entirely. It opened up doors that allowed me to grow into my own as well as continue scaring myself.


I am an actor, stage combatant and fight choreographer, yoga instructor, and always-student. I have my own blog, Explorrior, and look forward to pushing myself and others in new and supportive ways.