Hi, I’m Dahlia.

Nothing happens all at once. Or at least not for me. If I told you that I met Scott and Scare Your Soul and my life changed all at once, I would be lying to you, leading you on. But, to tell you that, incrementally – as if climbing a mountain – I found myself changing, that would be true.

This is to say, one moment I was searching for the top of the mountain, and the next I was taking one step and then another, sometimes I would stumble and fall back, but then I would find my way back to the path, a meandering winding indirect path, that led me up to a higher plain of being, to the top of the mountain. Scare Your Soul gave me courage to climb, to fail, and to accept those failings as steps in my process of living a higher life, a more open, freeing, sometimes gentle and other times ambitious, fulfilling life.

Be mindful, though, that to live courageously is not a one and done experience, it is  a way if being, to exist on a continuum of self-awareness and self-reflection.

And it is indeed life changing.

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