Everything I ever wanted was on the other side of fear.

As I learned how to visualize my future in the world I realized that some dreams gave me terrible fear. Growing up, I often let anxiety take charge and it quickly started to inhibit me from pursuing certain dreams. Making the decision to attend college in a new country, many miles away from home and anything comfortable scared me to death; but it also gave me life. It taught me that the world is too big and beautiful and that every day – every opportunity is unique. It taught me to make fear my friend and to face it with courage.

This new start in my life changed many things for me. I found the most enriching, fulfilling and life-changing experiences by seeing fear as a close friend who challenged me to try. By not letting my fears get in the way I pursued huge and intimidating dreams: from sailing across the world with Semester At Sea to converting a shuttle bus into a tiny eco-home.

I’m grateful for the opportunities and dreams this world has for me and have learned that fear is not big enough to scare me away. Pushing yourself to follow a path alongside fear is the best damn thing you can for yourself.

I’m here to help you stop questioning yourself, to believe in the gratitude and abundance of today.

Time to pursue that dream and not look back!