CLEVELAND — Social media feeds are often filled with photos of smiling families, exotic vacations, hardcore workouts and mouth-watering food.

But life is far from picture-perfect.

“We’re not really seeing the true people in our lives, we’re seeing a snapshot that has a filter on it,” said Scott Simon, founder of Scare Your Soul.

“A study from 2016 indicated that only 9% of people feel that their New Year’s resolutions were successful at the end of the year,” he says. “People are left feeling like they didn’t hit the mark.”

To encourage people to hit the core of their goals and values, Simon suggests taking time to write yourself a letter.

“This is a letter that nobody else will see,” he says. “It’s not about resolutions; it’s about feelings and values, and it comes from your heart. Most people have probably never taken the opportunity to write a letter to themselves, but when you do it, magical things start to happen. You start to lead your life according to your own set of goals and wishes that that come from within.”

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