Professor | Podcaster | Author | Founder | Boss Queen

I believe in girl power.I am obsessed with inspiring and empowering the next generation of girls.I am blessed with the opportunity to teach business to artists and designers at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and hopefully ignite the entrepreneurial spirit amongst these amazingly talented humans. I truly believe that God put me on this earth to cheerlead women into their boss queen selves, help them shine their crowns and rule.

These days you can find me on campus inspiring young minds.I am a customer-obsessed, progressive thinking, creative and  disruptive digital commerce leader with 15+ years’ experience in business development, strategic initiatives, product strategy and merchandising. As a high impact executive with a strong background in multichannel consumer businesses, I am recognized for collaborative leadership style, agile methodology, proactive approach, and keen ability to quickly dissect the status quo and implement roadmap and results through building and mentoring cross-functional teams.

I have an MBA from The Wharton School, and a BBA from The College of William and Mary. Family is #1 as I grew up 100% Italian!! Married to an Irish Rogue, James with 2 dogs and a gorgeous kitty, our son Mark is 22, and launched to Brooklyn.These days, you can find me on campus or in downtown Savannah….teaching, inspiring, mentoring.My first book will be published this fall, ” Be Your Own Hero”…..a girl’s guide to launching from college.

LOVE the Scare Your Soul value prop and spread the love across campus!!

every day do something that scares you”….eleanor roosevelt