Hi, I’m Lucy.

Presenting the best version of myself is what I was trained to do. On the flip side, It also seems as though I like to shock my body into new adventures just to remind myself that life is not a dress rehearsal and not everything can be well presented and picture-perfect. Sometimes you just have to wing it.

And winging it always seemed to lead me in the right direction, always making big life decisions based on instinct.

As a young dancer, London called my name at the tender age of 17. I auditioned, trained, and eventually worked professionally.

I then said goodbye and flew to Cyprus for a year on a whim. Traveled around the world because it felt right, never having a plan, and then finally took a chance and moved to America to follow my dreams as a TV presenter. And it all seemed to work out just right. For a while on the surface, When it was good, it was really good, but when it started to unwind and go bad, things really didn’t seem right anymore.

15 years on, and the life that looked dreamy to everyone else no longer made me happy. I was battling anxiety, in tremendous debt, and living beyond my means, both physically and mentally. I was burnt out.

So I took another risk and scared my soul in returning to my home country to start all over again in my mid-thirties.

My university has always been life. When it no longer feels right, I move towards what scares me the most because often on the other side of fear is our ultimate potential.

In just two years I transformed my life and reached my goals. And now life is just about to take another turn. Constantly changing. Always evolving, often unrecognizable. That’s because life is supposed to be lived, and never compromised.

So I begin again. A brand new chapter. Life after the American dream; a chapter I hope to share with you all.

Remember, nothing to fear but fear itself. It’s a lot less scary when we are in it together.

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