Though I have always dreamed big, I believed that my success is dependent on others. Everything has changed when I came to Israel for the first time. This country’s energy and diversity impressed me and changed my worldview. Now I know that dreams can become goals, and if I want to achieve something I have to believe in myself.

5 years later I live in Tal Aviv, the most energetic place in the world. I start my big project Move On Together Israeli Was, which promotes Israeli movement and dance culture. Its goal is to bring people together and fight prejudice using universal tools such as movement. I also start my job in a medical startup where I’ll work on improving the digital healthcare system.

I work hard and sometimes I’m overwhelmed but everyday I’m excited with my life and I go to sleep happy.

I believe that life is too short to spend on meaningless things. Live your life the way you want! “Haval Al Hazman”!

*Haval al haznam – (a waste of time), is used in Israeli slang to describe something so good/ delicious/ beautiful, you just have to experience it without hesitation.